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Angela ❝Mercy❞ Ziegler
Mercy first arrived in Genessia when shadows were around and making people emotionless upon being attacked and targeted. As you can imagine, it was a dangerous time to arrive, but Mercy immediately wanted to help out. Even though she knew little to nothing to this strange new world, she had to do what she could. Thankfully things died down and Mercy was able to get a hang of the world a bit. Taking a job doing what she does best, she started to work for the Genessia General Hospital, working tirelessly to help those in need. And then one day she disappeared, returning home.

It was a few months later that she returned, grateful that nothing dire had happened while she was gone. She didn't exactly expect to be swept into a coffee date the first day back though. Since then, she's been just settling in, moving into the Angel House with Sertoria after realizing that she was living on the streets.

She turned into her witch outfit around Halloween when trying to help people out, but she didn't seem to have too much side affects from it. When Christmas was coming around, she decided it was be nice to hold a party of some sort and decided to go with a Christmas Ball theme. Before it took place, she was put into a dating auction where she had a date with Kirk, but hasn't really seen him since since she's been busy.

Since her time here, she's modified her Valkyrie suit so that she could attach and detach the wings with more ease with the help of her own back prosthetics that allow her to wear them for whatever she needed; no matter what situation she might be where she may or may not be able to use her armor. During Valentine's Day, she decided to play as "Cupid" by delivering letters, chocolates, or gifts for people who wanted to give them to loved ones. The most recent development is upon touching an egg that appeared around Easter, she's de-aged mentally and physically back during the days of the uprising in King's Row.


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INBOX text / audio / video / action Hello, this is Angela Ziegler. I'm sorry that I have missed your call, but I'm probably busy with a patient. Leave a name and a way to contact you and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. art credit code credit
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[♔] [♔] [♔] [♔] Angel House/Overhouse
(This is more than likely temporary until they find a bigger location to fit everyone.)

CityGenessia City
Floor Plans1st Floor & 2nd Floor
Kitchen & Dining Room[♔] [♔] [♔] [♔]
Living RoomInterior & Reference

Sertoria Cani & Hana ❝D.VA❞ SongBedroomBathroomWalk-In Closet--Floor Plan
OPENBedroomBathroom----Floor Plan
Dr. Angela ❝Mercy❞ ZieglerBedroomBathroomWalk-in ClosetOfficeFloor Plan

CR Chart

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Angela has only spoken to Sombra briefly here. She's heard about Sombra's hacking spree back home, but has no idea of who's behind them besides a name. Sombra hadn't given herself away, so she's still unaware that she's spoken to her on her arrival here already. She'll probably be conflicted once she realizes who she really is.
"Brigitte" Lindholm
Angela doesn't know much about Brigitte just yet, but just from hearing about her from Reinhardt and Torbjörn on top of speaking to her briefly, she thinks she's a lovely young woman. She had a lot of fun speaking to her and would love to get to know her better as time goes by.
Jesse "McCree"
Angela and McCree go way back, during the days that he entered Blackwatch and she was the head of the medical field there. They started roughly around the same time, so she's pretty fond of him, even if she doesn't show it all of the time. She does worry about his health with how he smokes cigars all the time and drinks, but she's come to think of him as a dear friend and is happy to see him again. Having a drink with him the day he arrived was something she didn't expect, but it was good to catch up with him.
Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes
Angela is... extremely conflicted with how to feel when it comes down to Gabe. They were good friends back when everything was still okay. Back before Jack became Strike Commander and there was bad blood between the two men. She did everything to try to smooth things over, but with so many accusations over time with Blackwatch (thus affecting Overwatch as a whole), things became more and more stressed between the three of them.

After the Swiss HQ blew up, she did everything she could to try to save both of them, but she'd obviously failed (or so she thinks). She has no idea that he had become the way he had as a result of Moira experimenting on him, so she still believes that it's her fault that he became this way. For years and years, she continuously tried to research ways to make things better for him and make up for the past, but she has yet to come up with a solution that would be viable.

Seeing him show up here and finding out he was the one that referred to himself as "Reaper", she was extremely conflicted on how to feel. She was happy to see an old friend, but at the same time felt a sort of survivor's guilt in some ways. She's just taking things one step at a time and made sure to make it known that she wasn't going to tolerate any trouble from his end while he was here. Unfortunately he seems to have disappeared just like that.
"Genji" Shimada
Of all of the people from her world to have come here, Genji is probably the person she's most fond of. Sure his reason to join Blackwatch was anything but a desired, but he's always been a dear friend to her. Taken in after his fight with Hanzo, she wasn't that fond of reconstructing his body to become a human weapon, so to speak, but she did it to save his life. She just wishes that there was some other way that she could have saved him that didn't require to make him 90% metal.

Over the years though, she'd always enjoyed talking with him and all she wants is for him to be at peace and even happy with his life, even if past events made that very difficult for him. She hadn't seen him in person for a good number of years, but she'd always enjoyed receiving letters from him and sending her own in return. She's just glad to hear that he's found a place where he feels like he belongs.

It's a pleasant surprise to see him come here and she will definitely find a way to extend her lunch breaks if it means she can catch up with him.
"Hanzo" Shimada
Angela doesn't really know too much about Hanzo. She's more than likely seen him around in her travels to aid anyone who was in need as well as his own travels, but she's not really spoken to him if at all prior to him coming here.

She does know about him through Genji and his past, but she's a bit conflicted on how to feel about him. He seems to have regret what he's done to his brother, but she's also a bit upset that Genji ended up in the sorry state that he's in now. She's not one to hold grudges though, so she just wants to start fresh and get to know him personally before judging him. They didn't have the best interactions upon his arrival, but she hopes things will be better as time goes on.
"Reinhardt" Wilhelm
Reinhardt is an old friend of hers and she's very happy to see him again. It's been many years since she's seen him in person, but she's glad to see him doing well. She really enjoys how upbeat and chipper he is and he's generally good company to have around.

If he wasn't living in his van to travel around with Brigitte, she'd easily offer to have him stay at her house with Sertoria and her.
Angela hasn't spoken to Blaze too much so he remains just a acquaintance.
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 If you feel I am portraying Mercy incorrectly, please feel free to tell me here! I'll take any suggestions into considerations.
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Dr. Angela ❝Mercy❞ Ziegler


"After Morrison's promotion to strike commander, his relationship with Reyes changed. The tension became more pronounced as time went on. I tried to mend things. We all did. Sometimes when the closest bonds break, all you can do is pray you stay out of the cross fire."



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